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Deliver immersive virtual experience


Provide an improved understanding of your product using 3D animations and videos images using AR apps. Marker Based AR works with the Image Recognition. We can use 2D Image, 3D Object, QR Code as a visual marker to trigger the AR experience with Augmented Content.

Plane Tracking/Product Try-On

Let your customer experience a better envision of your products through an interactive demonstration of furniture, and interior décor products.

AR WayFinding

Offer an improved wayfinding technique using AR Wayfinding solution! This will help people find places with more ease following the animated, highlighted and outlined pathways.

Custom Augmented Reality Solutions

Need something which is not listed here and is unique? Don’t worry. Augmented Reality Developers at The Intellify can help you out in that. Our diverse experience makes us capable of delivering unique solutions. Contact us, discuss your requirement and it’ll be done.

Location-based AR

This AR technique help finds relevant information about what your customers are looking for on their GPS enabled device using location-centric mobile application.

Object Detection based AR

Object detection enables your customers 360 degrees augmented reality experience around your products and other objected already defined by you enlarging rooms, scenes etc.

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